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5 Apple Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time to show off the very best autumn has to offer. Think of your Thanksgiving table as a stage for fall flavors to strut their stuff. Sure, the turkey might get top billing, but don’t underestimate the star power of seasonal local produce around the table—like New York State apples. NYS apples are versatile, nutritious and packed with potential. Plus, is there anything more emblematic of autumn than a juicy, crisp apple? This Thanksgiving, we’re recommending five recipes that show off the best local homegrown apples have to offer—recipes so good, they might just steal the turkey’s limelight.

If you need evidence that apples go with everything, look no further than this zesty, colorful salsa. A mix of tomatoes, onion, pepper, and a couple of tart and sweet apples, this sweet and spicy snack will surprise and delight your guests. You may want to wear gloves while slicing the jalapeño pepper, as handling this fiery specimen with bare hands can cause your skin to burn. Make sure you give the salsa at least one hour to sit after mixing so all of the flavors can meld.

Pro tip: Serve this salsa with a bowl of blue corn tortilla chips and keep your hungry guests happy while the rest of dinner is still cooking!

Why settle for cranberry sauce from a can when it’s so easy to make your own? In this version, mouth-puckering fresh cranberries are balanced by sweet, juicy New York State apples, plus plenty of cinnamon and a splash of orange juice. Simmer it all in a pot for a beautifully tangy accompaniment to roast turkey, gravy and stuffing. Serve hot or cold—it’s your choice!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention apple pie in our Thanksgiving lineup! We believe you don’t mess with perfection, which is why we’ve kept this recipe simple. Prepare or buy your favorite pie crust, then prepare the apple filling using your favorite variety of New York State apple. It’s as easy as … well, you know.

Can you guess the secret to this creamy, decadent cheesecake pie? We blended a cup of plain applesauce into the filling for a fruity, velvety dessert that’s sure to make the final course a memorable one. Bonus: The addition of applesauce allows you to cut back on the sugar.

Why just eat apples if you can drink them, too? This indulgent cider beverage gets a frothy boost from vanilla ice cream and an autumnal kick from a dash of cinnamon. Simply add all the ingredients to your blender and mix until bubbly! Got a crowd? Double or triple the recipe to make sure no one goes thirsty. Cheers!


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